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Things pretty much back to normal... [24 Apr 2003|05:07pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

Been patroling with Buffy, and faith for the past few nights .
to sort of workout the kinks since I was a hanging pinata for Dru, and Spikes pleasure.

I'm at my full strength, but training never hurts.
If spike, and Dru did survive...which I'm sure they did...I need to be ready.
I'm not much good to Buffy couped in my room all the time. That and I'm a little
grudgeful of what was done to me as far as torture. I've been stabbed, shot, hung and even thrown out of a eight story building, But what they did to me was harsh.

Felt a little out of place amongst Buffy, and Faith's little chats. It's one thing they are both Slayers, but it's another that they are women. Faith was sort of flirting with me,as well as talking that dirty sex talk-- Not use to that....
Usually I'm doing the flirting, before I turn face, and feed.

Now it just seem pointless, as well as uncomfortable.
Especially considering my strong feelings for Buffy, and she was right there as well.

I think I need a shower.


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Alot going on..... [02 Apr 2003|12:04pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Buffy's been really busy with this Werewolve situation with OZ. I try to help the best I can, but I feel I'm just gonna get in her way... Distract her from her duties.
Not only has she been busy... I've been busy as well with Spike. He been attacking randomly every once in a while. He alway's fails. All he get's is a beat down, and a couple of less Vampire minions to help him.Which makes me believe he wants something from me. It's only a matter of time till he comes at me again. I'll have to step up my defenses a bit.

Then theres this Buffy/ Master prophecy that will happen according to books I've been reading.
***Hears a Knock at the door, and gets up to answer it***

Must be Buffy....

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[08 Mar 2003|09:33am]
[ mood | hungry ]

Was out and about last night
**Heading to the Bronze to meet up with Buffy**

instead ran into Dru in the Park.
she was about to make a snack out of a little boy.

I almost staked her, but she got away.
Didn't seem to be herself....seemed sick.

I'll have to warn Buffy to be careful.
Dru isn't one to take lightly.
Especially considering I made her insane.


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Cemetary Makeout session.... [25 Feb 2003|10:09pm]
Went patroling with Buffy.
The usual Vampire action.

Wasn't really the only action going on.
I swear I think I'm in love with her.
I've been in love with her since I seen her
sitting on the steps, at her old school before she
came to Sunnydale.Her beautiful blonde hair. When I'm with her I feel alive again, and when she's away...it hurts.

We talked, did some other stuff...Talked again
haven't really done that in 200 years.

It was nice.
We plan to hook up for another patroling soon.

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All because of a woman.... [10 Feb 2003|07:08pm]
Living this long you've lived through alot. I remember alot I did as Angelus.
And it was all on the account of a woman name Darla. It all happen on that dark night in Galway, Ireland 1753.
I remeber it well--- I remember leaving the pub drunk...still could of drinken more, but I was kicked out.

I looked down into the alley way, and there she was Masquerading as an Irish noblewoman.
Darla was her name. Said she'd show me thing I'd never seen before. I believed her, and was turned.
The horible things we did together.... Torturing, killing, Feasting....all out of lust for each other

We scouraged Europe training me, Teaching me, and loving me for 150 years. We spent every delicious
moment together, Leaving trails of death and Destruction in our wake. Killed my family, and everything in my path.
even created our own special little family of vampires in the latter of the 19th century. First Dru who's family and friends I killed...driving her insane.and William who Dru Sired as a mate. now calling himself Spike after his days of killing two slayers.

Then that all came to a end.---in the form of a beautiful gypsy girl, just one of Darlas many inventive and carefully thought out gifts for me. Little did Darla know that as a result of her gift, the girls family would restore my soul. As a result, Darla rejected me when my soul was returned throwing me out into the streets of Romania to fend for himself. I unsuccessfully tried to get back in Darlas good graces over the next two years. During the Boxer Rebellion in China in 1900, I refused to kill a baby Darla kidnapped for me. I haven't seen any of them since,
until recent..

I don't know what Dru and Spike are up to,but I have a feeling it envolves killing the Slayer.
I'll need to keep an eye on those two.

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Vamp 101, lound music, and a open buffet for vampires. [07 Feb 2003|03:50pm]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

Another night at the Bronze.
as I walked amongst the shadows of the club checking out the crowd.
I realized one thing this was truly the perfect place for Vampires to feast.
I mean look at em....dancing around like fruit on a vine... for the picking.
No clue that danger lurks from every angle of the room.
It's all quite easy for a Vampire to acomplish.
Considering Vampires can change face to look human.
sooo it would be quite easy to pick up a meal to go.

seen Buffy's friends in the corner near the stage.
including the other Slayer....kept my distance .
knowing her and slayers keen sense of Vampires
I didn't want her spotting me, and Start job mode on me.

she looks more like a throw stakes first
ask questions later.

to her I'm sure a vampire is a vampire...curse or no curse.

The other just seem like kids in a world they've just been introduced to.
the redhead, the funny guy, and the only one I haven't seen around
before..... She is different... reaks of magic....A witch.

yet another gift Vampires have we can sense magic,
as well as subtle differences....if you wanna call it a gift.

I call it a curse.


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dying for the day shift.... [06 Feb 2003|06:30pm]
The sun set's, and the night is
upon sunnydale one again, as well as Vamp activities.

Figured I'd go down to the Bronze...If Spike will show up anywhere
it's at an all night buffet. heard the place has a new band playing there.
Dingoes Ate My Baby..... interesting name for a band.
I'm more into the day's of the Rat pack...you know....Sammy davis Jr, Good old Franky.
But what the hell......you look the age might as well... play the part.

might even meet a few old friends.
I'll have to wear my leather jacket tonight
still have Vyasa blood all over my other one.

off I go.

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An eventful night... [05 Feb 2003|12:22pm]
[ mood | In pain......but I'll heal ]

I was out most the night last night-- walking the streets looking for Vamp activities.
Especially a Spike, Dru, and Darla. I came across a Vyasa
attacking a woman in the alley near the bronze.

Have you ever tried to kill one of these things? ...It's not easy.
And they really have a intense dislike for my kind.

It's amazing what one person can acomplish with a steel metal rod in hand.
Demon's dead, Woman's safe, and I've got a couple busted ribs.

And another wonderful night of redemption comes to a close.


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She did it....I'll be Damned [31 Jan 2003|12:59am]
[ mood | surprised ]

Guess it's a good sign of things when
you see Vampires running from the Bronze in fear.

The Harvest has been stopped, and
everythings seems peaceful....for now.
Yet...I don't think The Master will give up that easily.
Doesn't surprise me Darla was involved ...
I am seriously gonna have to do something about her.

She still haunts my dreams to this day.
Hoping Buffy will stake her, and give me some peace.


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The Harvest is coming... [30 Jan 2003|06:25pm]
Tonight is the Harvest.
what is the Harvest you might ask?

It is the rising of the Master, ..sort of a hell on earth
Met him once or twice as Angelus.
Lives down underneath Sunnydale in a Dimensional portal.
Didn't really care for him.... Had sort of a skin problem.

I hope Buffy's ready.... Last I seen her she was looking for her friend.
All I can do is show her the way. ...the rest is up to her.

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Introductions hurt... [29 Jan 2003|12:24am]
Well tonight I confronted Buffy in the alley on her way to the Bronze.
Must say she's alot stronger than she looks

Didn't expect her to get the jump on me that easy.
I know I have a habit of doing the Stalking thing, But I don't bite....
Well at least .......not anymore.

I told her that there is evil coming.
and that she'd better be ready, and that I am a friend.
she just looked at me like I'm some sort of psycho..
Another point in time I would of taken that as a compliment
But I'm not.

And to make matters worst..I think I seen Spike...Last night.
and where there's Spike... Druzilla isn't far behind.
Talk about the past coming back to haunt you.
Wonder what they're up to... Better keep my eye's on them.
If Spike knows there is another Slayer in Sunnydale, and knowing his past with killing slayers....
Buffy is in trouble.

She'll need my help....Guess this is an early start on that redemption.
The nights young, and so am I...Time to do some patroling of my own.

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Whistler is right... [27 Jan 2003|03:47pm]
Didn't sleep well last night....Visions and voices of the past.
of the people I tortured and killed.The guilt...the regret for the life I led.

But I want to make a difference..I want to help the new Slayer.
Tonight I will confront her.... Tell her I'm a friend.

I could just keep to myself, and hide amongst the rats, trash , and oders
of the alley ways, and sewers,
Or I can make a difference, and help fight the coming evil.

She needs to know.
That something big is coming.
I sense it every night I walk the streets.
I should know this feeling well......At one time it was me.

That settles it tonight I'll follow her to the Bronze
I'm sure she be there tonight..... Who doesn't show up there.
and I'll warn her of whats coming.

Just hope she listens, and doesn't start beating me up.

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Something big is coming.... [24 Jan 2003|06:12pm]
It will be dark soon, and I will be able to go out.
might go to the bronze.

maybe the Slayer will be there.

Noticed an increase in Hellmouth activities.
hope she's ready for whats coming.

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The world is cold, and dark, but theres also hope.... [24 Jan 2003|02:23am]
I just return from my usual nightly rituals. I stopped by the butcher, and picked up my
supplie of pigs blood. Stopped off to get a glimpse of buffy patroling the Grave yard. I'd watch her from a distance as she'd dust a gang of Vampires. I'd help, but she can take care of herself, and I can't get to close. Besides I have a good book to read. THE Chronicles of Pockla volume 10.

The nights still young.

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