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Vamp 101, lound music, and a open buffet for vampires.

Another night at the Bronze.
as I walked amongst the shadows of the club checking out the crowd.
I realized one thing this was truly the perfect place for Vampires to feast.
I mean look at em....dancing around like fruit on a vine... for the picking.
No clue that danger lurks from every angle of the room.
It's all quite easy for a Vampire to acomplish.
Considering Vampires can change face to look human.
sooo it would be quite easy to pick up a meal to go.

seen Buffy's friends in the corner near the stage.
including the other Slayer....kept my distance .
knowing her and slayers keen sense of Vampires
I didn't want her spotting me, and Start job mode on me.

she looks more like a throw stakes first
ask questions later.

to her I'm sure a vampire is a vampire...curse or no curse.

The other just seem like kids in a world they've just been introduced to.
the redhead, the funny guy, and the only one I haven't seen around
before..... She is different... reaks of magic....A witch.

yet another gift Vampires have we can sense magic,
as well as subtle differences....if you wanna call it a gift.

I call it a curse.

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