Angel (angel_with_soul) wrote,

All because of a woman....

Living this long you've lived through alot. I remember alot I did as Angelus.
And it was all on the account of a woman name Darla. It all happen on that dark night in Galway, Ireland 1753.
I remeber it well--- I remember leaving the pub drunk...still could of drinken more, but I was kicked out.

I looked down into the alley way, and there she was Masquerading as an Irish noblewoman.
Darla was her name. Said she'd show me thing I'd never seen before. I believed her, and was turned.
The horible things we did together.... Torturing, killing, Feasting....all out of lust for each other

We scouraged Europe training me, Teaching me, and loving me for 150 years. We spent every delicious
moment together, Leaving trails of death and Destruction in our wake. Killed my family, and everything in my path.
even created our own special little family of vampires in the latter of the 19th century. First Dru who's family and friends I killed...driving her insane.and William who Dru Sired as a mate. now calling himself Spike after his days of killing two slayers.

Then that all came to a end.---in the form of a beautiful gypsy girl, just one of Darlas many inventive and carefully thought out gifts for me. Little did Darla know that as a result of her gift, the girls family would restore my soul. As a result, Darla rejected me when my soul was returned throwing me out into the streets of Romania to fend for himself. I unsuccessfully tried to get back in Darlas good graces over the next two years. During the Boxer Rebellion in China in 1900, I refused to kill a baby Darla kidnapped for me. I haven't seen any of them since,
until recent..

I don't know what Dru and Spike are up to,but I have a feeling it envolves killing the Slayer.
I'll need to keep an eye on those two.

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