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Alot going on.....

Buffy's been really busy with this Werewolve situation with OZ. I try to help the best I can, but I feel I'm just gonna get in her way... Distract her from her duties.
Not only has she been busy... I've been busy as well with Spike. He been attacking randomly every once in a while. He alway's fails. All he get's is a beat down, and a couple of less Vampire minions to help him.Which makes me believe he wants something from me. It's only a matter of time till he comes at me again. I'll have to step up my defenses a bit.

Then theres this Buffy/ Master prophecy that will happen according to books I've been reading.
***Hears a Knock at the door, and gets up to answer it***

Must be Buffy....
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