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Things pretty much back to normal...

Been patroling with Buffy, and faith for the past few nights .
to sort of workout the kinks since I was a hanging pinata for Dru, and Spikes pleasure.

I'm at my full strength, but training never hurts.
If spike, and Dru did survive...which I'm sure they did...I need to be ready.
I'm not much good to Buffy couped in my room all the time. That and I'm a little
grudgeful of what was done to me as far as torture. I've been stabbed, shot, hung and even thrown out of a eight story building, But what they did to me was harsh.

Felt a little out of place amongst Buffy, and Faith's little chats. It's one thing they are both Slayers, but it's another that they are women. Faith was sort of flirting with me,as well as talking that dirty sex talk-- Not use to that....
Usually I'm doing the flirting, before I turn face, and feed.

Now it just seem pointless, as well as uncomfortable.
Especially considering my strong feelings for Buffy, and she was right there as well.

I think I need a shower.

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