Angel (angel_with_soul) wrote,

Whistler is right...

Didn't sleep well last night....Visions and voices of the past.
of the people I tortured and killed.The guilt...the regret for the life I led.

But I want to make a difference..I want to help the new Slayer.
Tonight I will confront her.... Tell her I'm a friend.

I could just keep to myself, and hide amongst the rats, trash , and oders
of the alley ways, and sewers,
Or I can make a difference, and help fight the coming evil.

She needs to know.
That something big is coming.
I sense it every night I walk the streets.
I should know this feeling well......At one time it was me.

That settles it tonight I'll follow her to the Bronze
I'm sure she be there tonight..... Who doesn't show up there.
and I'll warn her of whats coming.

Just hope she listens, and doesn't start beating me up.

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