Angel (angel_with_soul) wrote,

Introductions hurt...

Well tonight I confronted Buffy in the alley on her way to the Bronze.
Must say she's alot stronger than she looks

Didn't expect her to get the jump on me that easy.
I know I have a habit of doing the Stalking thing, But I don't bite....
Well at least .......not anymore.

I told her that there is evil coming.
and that she'd better be ready, and that I am a friend.
she just looked at me like I'm some sort of psycho..
Another point in time I would of taken that as a compliment
But I'm not.

And to make matters worst..I think I seen Spike...Last night.
and where there's Spike... Druzilla isn't far behind.
Talk about the past coming back to haunt you.
Wonder what they're up to... Better keep my eye's on them.
If Spike knows there is another Slayer in Sunnydale, and knowing his past with killing slayers....
Buffy is in trouble.

She'll need my help....Guess this is an early start on that redemption.
The nights young, and so am I...Time to do some patroling of my own.

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